IDX Coverage for

Humboldt Association of REALTORS®

IDX for Humboldt does not include agent and office IDs, so it is not possible to create automated featured listings pages. Instead, to show listings represented by the you or your brokerage on a dedicated webpage on your approved IDX site, you can create a market page in the iHomefinder IDX control panel and manually add the listings to it.

Member Associations Covered by this Board

Cities & Towns Covered by this Board

Eureka and Humboldt County
Including, but not limited to, Eureka, Shelter Cove, Mckinleyville, and Arcata

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IDX Service Eligibility

IDX service is available only to active participants in the listed associations that operate MLS® Systems. To receive IDX service, you’ll need to complete an IDX license agreement, including broker signature, and be approved by your board. We’ll email you IDX licensing instructions when you sign up for an account.

IDX Services provided by iHomefinder.

Agents Allowed
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