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A Case for Personal Branding – Spotlight on Karen Blain


Its Personal Branding Week!

The real estate industry is changing – it already has changed. Gone are the days that the consumer calls the brokerage to find an agent. The days where consumers want to feel like they know, like, and trust an agent before picking up the phone – one that they resonate with, one that stands out when stacked against the competition, and one that represents them in a superior way online.

While planning for Personal Branding Week we knew we needed to look no further than Karen Blain. During an interview, she rose to the challenge to share the power of a personal brand and what it has done for her in her business.

What did your brand look like before Realty Labs?

“I launched my Real Estate career in the fall of 2016 with Century 21. I immediately had access to their company branded website. While this was a great first step, I struggled to create something that was unique to me and that allowed me to create the web environment I wanted for my clients.”

Why did you seek out Realty Labs for your solution?

“I had heard great things about Realty Labs and know Danielle, the CEO, as a savvy business person who I trusted and wanted to do business with. I have a background in design and a unique niche market that I wanted to incorporate with both my personal brand ‘Blain Again’ and that niche with a custom website. I also wanted to be able to work with fully functional IDX and a site fully enabled for SEO.”

How was your experience with Realty Labs?

“Amazing. I worked closely with both Danielle and Garet, the Senior Web Designer.  The process was personal, collaborative, and satisfying. Garet is the bomb! If I ever needed to build another website or recommend someone to assist you with yours, it would be Realty Labs (and I’m not just saying that…the experience was truly incredible).”

How has your new personal branded website impacted your business?

I have a website I loveIt stands out in the competitionIt’s a reflection of who I am. It has made it easy for my marketing team to begin their efforts to drive traffic to my website and effectively connect with my social media and other efforts.”

Who do you know moving in or out of the Calgary area? Karen would be more than happy to be your referring realtor of choice, or to get a free ride on her Harley, give her a call! Check out her website here.

Personal branding is more than putting yourself on a web page, its about bringing your clients to the trust level they need to be to helping them pick your dream home.

If you need help with personal branding today fill-out the contact sheet below!

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