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Your image matters.

Align the real you with the you on your site. Don’t be another fake realtor!

What is Lifestyle?

Your lifestyle-website.

Lifestyle branding elevates all of the unique, personal and engaging qualities that make you an expert in your field. We focus on brand-aligned imagery, personalized content and a site full of innovative and interactive features to show potential clients why they should choose YOU as their realtor over anyone else.


At Realty Labs, we firmly believe in giving you what you need and nothing else. We always meet with you to determine exactly what you need out of your website. Whether you want a luxury template or a completely custom-built website complete, we walk you through all the best options for your authentic brand.

Your Unique Selling Point

Our lifestyle sites are always personal. We highlight and show off the successes that are unique to you, and we do our homework. We take the information you give us and align the most important features through expert website design, technical implementation and stellar IDX Feed set-up. We make you look good doing what you do best!

You Own It

Once we have completed your website, it’s your asset. You own it. That’s right, no games here. You have the freedom to do what you like with it and we feel that’s the way it should be.


Web Templates

Need a website but don’t want to have to start from scratch? We have premium web templates designed to bring out the best in your brand! Our sites always come with superior standards, including IDX optimization, tech-forward integrations and engaging, unique design elements. You need an awesome website to represent you, we have you covered.


Custom Website

Want your brand to stand out from the competition?  Our luxury, custom-built sites elevate your brand through personalized, stunning design elements, cutting-edge, interactive tech features, IDX optimizations and best yet? You don’t have to lift a finger to have a unique website that sets you apart from all other realtors. Show off the boss that you are with a custom-built site from Realty Labs.

Choose your Premium Template

Premium Add-On’s, because you’re a boss.

Diamond Features.

Integrate a custom map into your Realty Labs™ Web Template or your Realty Labs™ Custom Site!

Our most popular package. Everything you need to market yourself right!

The Full Branding and website package.

Know what you need and don’t want to waste time shopping around? We have the boss package for you! Our Full Branding and Website Package sets you up with everything you need to launch a unified realty brand at a great price. Get everything that you need to be memorable to clients all in one place with Realty Labs.

New Logo Design or brand update
Business Cards
Realty Labs Premium site template or custom site
Social Media Diamond Pack

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all major brokerages.

Fast, sleek property search with
advanced lead capture technology.

IDX integration.

All of Realty Labs™ sites, whether a premium template or a custom site, come stacked with IDX MARKETBOOST™ TECHNOLOGY. This integration makes it easy to nurture leads with automated web and email content for locations and other criteria you choose.