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6 Killer Real Estate Marketing Ideas


Real estate is more than just paperwork, negotiations, and long working hours.

It’s also using creative tools to make yourself stand out in the market. At Realty Labs we’re always on the lookout for creative ways to tell the story of real estate. Hopefully, somewhere along the way, we can also inspire other realtors to try out some of these ideas.

1. #TransformationTuesday

Out of all the social media tools out there, Instagram is one of the most useful ones for realtors. Great visuals can often tell more about a property than a detailed description.

Using the right hashtag makes a huge difference in who can view your post. Add #TransformationTuesday to show the before and after photos of improving curb appeal, updating interior design, home renovations, or even a complete remodelling of a property.

2. Engage the Local Community

Chances are that some, if not all, of the neighbourhoods you work in have a community magazine, a community Facebook page, or some other community outlet.

Get in touch with the representatives of your neighbourhood and ask if you could have a weekly or monthly feature of your listings. To make this relationship more meaningful, offer to help out at the next community event or donate to a local cause.

3. Bring the Tech Into Realty

Your FOR SALE sign is your business card on the side of a street. Stand out (literally) by putting a solar light on your sign to light it up during the night.

The best part–you won’t need any cords, a nearby outlet or battery, and will increase your chances of being seen. 

4. A Personalized Welcome Home Gift

It’s always thoughtful to give the new homeowner a personalized gift, welcoming them into their new home. It could be a set of wine glasses, mugs or house keys with the family’s initials, or a wood cutting board with the family’s last name. But how about a garbage or recycling bin?

It might seem odd at first, but among all the gifts out there this one is quite practical and will come to good use. You can also label these cans with your business name and information for some free advertising.

5. Ask Family and Friends to Spread the Word

Order some custom made fridge magnets, magnetic note pads or a calendar with your business name and information.

Then ask your friends and family to put these on the fridge or desk at their work.

These magnets, note pads and calendars could be shaped as a house, your FOR SALE sign, picture frame, and anything else you can think of that represents you and what you do.

6. Welcome the Out-Of-Towners

We live in a global economy, with employees moving around more than ever. Relocation requires finding a new home.

Inquire with local businesses and their HR managers on their hiring practices and ask to have your name included in the new employee’s relocation package.

If you have tried any of these tips, we’d love to hear on how it worked out for you. In the meanwhile, if you need some creative business solutions for your real estate website or social media, let’s chat.

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